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At DTC Computer Supplies, we recognize the importance of quick and thorough office equipment repairs for your business. Downtime costs you productivity and money, so we strive to fix it right in a timely manner. We have a team of expert field engineers waiting to help you! Our engineers can usually diagnose your issue over the phone and resolve your issues on the first trip to your site. As a family-owned business since 1965, we know what it means to have the job done right the first time. We pride ourselves on quality work and customer service, meaning you can dial directly to a real person, instead of trying to find your way through a phone maze. Let us show you why we’ve been a local favorite and a trusted industry leader for over 50 years. 

Introducing DTC’s Total-Care© Laser Printer Maintenance Program…

The printer is that one piece of office equipment that you really don’t appreciate, until it doesn’t work. But with so many brands, models, and parts on the market; is it really worth trying to spearhead your printer repair yourself? Most likely you will spend more time trying to troubleshoot the error and waste more money buying the wrong parts than you need to. It’s wise to just leave this job up to the experts. At DTC, we recognize that not every business is the same. That’s why we’ve created three different tiers to our TotalCare© Maintenance Program. This give you the freedom to choose which program is right for your business. No matter what your printer issue is, we’ve got you covered. We also only use high-quality parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications ensuring you printer is back up and running FAST!

3 Levels to Choose From – Find the one that fits your business!


Level 1 (TotalCare© Silver Package)

No Trip charge (20 mile radius)
Discounted labor
15% discount on parts
Free yearly cleanings
100% guarantee
1-4 printers
8 hr. time response


Level 2 (TotalCare© Gold Package)

No trip Charge
Free labor
Free parts included: Pickup rollers, transfer rollers, feed rollers
25% discount on all other parts
Free yearly cleanings
5-15 printers
6 hr. time response
100% guarantee


Level 3 (TotalCare© Platinum Package)

No trip Charge
Free Labor and Maintenance
all consumable parts included*
Free yearly cleanings
15+ printers
4 hr. time response
100% guarantee

Local Printer Service Rates

Labor Rates

In Shop Rates Remote Rates:

$45 if we can fix it in 30 minutes or less, otherwise $75 per hour

On Site Rates:

$75 per hour (minimum of one hour).

Travel Fees:

0-10 Miles = Free of charge

11-25 Miles = $25 Flat fee

26-50 plus Miles = $50 plus $1.50 per mile over 50 miles

DTC Premium Toner and Ink

Arguably, the most common printer problem you’ll encounter is running out of out of toner. Unfortunately, you usually don’t realize this until it’s too late. It’s an easy fix by simply replacing the toner cartridge in the printer. The toner itself is a bit more complicated.

Why Choose DTC Premium Toner Cartridges over the Competition?

  • DTC Premium Toner Cartridges can save you up to 25-50% over OEM Toner.
  • Our Compatible Toner Cartridges are NOT Re-Manufactured. We use High-Quality OEM-Grade Components.
  • Our Toner Cartridges are 100% ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and STMC compliant Factories and Quality-Control Processes.
  • Our Toner Cartridges come with a 1-Year Unconditional Guarantee that they will meet or exceed OEM specifications. All DTC Premium Toner Cartridges go through a rigorous and extensive inspection.
  • We pride ourselves with having less than 1% defect rate.

DTC also provides FREE Parts and Labor with purchase of toner. With your first purchase of toner we will deliver to your office and provide a free cleaning of the printer and install the cartridge. No contracts and cancel at any time. It doesn’t get much better than that!

With DTC replacement toner and ink cartridges, you have options:

DTC Laser Toner

DTC Laser Toner is ideal for high volume printing needs, best suited for small-medium businesses and schools that print a lot of text heavy documents and color prints. 

  • Save up to 60% over other OEM Toners.
  • 1-Year Unconditional Guarantee
  • Typically have the highest page yields of up to 20,000 pages.

OEM Laser Toner

DTC has superb quality OEM toner from all major brands including: HP, Xerox, Brother, and Lexmark.

  • Designed to meet the exact specifications your printer requires.
  • Guarantees complete color accuracy for color-matching.
  • Full manufacturer warranty.

Ink Cartridges

DTC ink cartridges are ideal for printing a small volume on a regular basis and quality photos.  

  • Can replace cartridges individually in cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.
  • Standard ink cartridge can print 200-500 pages.
  • Can be easier and cleaner to replace than laser cartridges.

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