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Ensuring Data Security and IT Excellence Across Industries with DTC

In a world driven by data and technology, every industry, from healthcare and finance to education and small businesses, relies on information systems to thrive. At DTC, we’ve made it our mission to keep your data safe and your IT systems running seamlessly, regardless of the field you operate in. With over five decades of expertise, we’ve earned our reputation as a trusted leader in the industry. Let’s delve into how we’re making an impact in various sectors and ensuring top-notch data security.


In the healthcare sector, safeguarding sensitive medical records is paramount. The maintenance, storage, and security of vital data are integral to providing quality patient care. Yet, many healthcare institutions lack dedicated IT departments equipped to manage their extensive equipment requirements. DTC steps in to address these unique needs. Our IT equipment specialists ensure your healthcare institute’s budget remains intact while contributing to the preservation of lives.

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Financial institutions operate in a data-sensitive environment where data breaches are unacceptable. While many financial organizations employ skilled IT professionals, the complexities of upgrades and disposal can be overwhelming. Industry best practices dictate the retention of data for extended periods, necessitating data migration to the latest software versions. DTC has been a trusted partner since 1965, helping businesses of all sizes keep their data secure while optimizing ROI on used IT equipment.

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In today’s digital age, government agencies rely heavily on computers and electronics to function effectively. Data of a sensitive, proprietary, or administration-critical nature is typically held for extended periods. Data tapes are often the preferred medium for long-term storage, but they require periodic updates. Data security is of utmost importance when dealing with sensitive information on used equipment.



The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled classrooms into a new era of 1:1 student-to-computer learning. IT equipment plays a pivotal role in educational settings, with a surge in information and data creation. Robust data backup and security measures are essential to protect this wealth of educational content. DTC acknowledges the challenges faced by learning institutions, and we offer solutions tailored to their data backup and equipment requirements.

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Energy and Utilities

Companies in the energy and utility sectors face ongoing pressure to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. Whether it’s power generation or alternative energy services, IT departments are constantly abuzz with activity. Upgrading and replacing computers, servers, and data storage centers can be a daunting task. The right IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) partner can help you extract the maximum value from aging IT equipment, ensuring a significant return on your initial investment.

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Small and Mid-size Business

Small and mid-size businesses are the driving force behind a thriving economy. These entrepreneurial endeavors are the backbone of innovation and job creation. At DTC, as a family-owned business since 1965, we comprehend the challenges and sacrifices business owners face. Small businesses may not always have the budget for the latest IT equipment upgrades or know how to handle their aging equipment. We step in to facilitate upgrades and responsible disposal of data storage tapes and other IT assets when needed.

Our Commitment to Excellence

DTC’s IT equipment specialists and procurement associates boast over 130 years of combined experience, making us one of the industry’s best-trained teams. Since our inception in 1965, we’ve been dedicated to transforming the IT lifecycle through technology, transparency, standards, and processes. Our business continues to evolve alongside the dynamic IT industry, with our reputation serving as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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