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A One and Done Destination for Managed Maintenance Services and Support .

DTC tailors its Managed Maintenance Services to meet the unique requirements of your organization, guaranteeing seamless daily IT operations and focused attention on your priorities.

Drawing from over 55 years of experience, we assure efficient management of your IT environment. Additionally, we’re committed to collaborating with your team to enhance infrastructure performance.

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What is Managed Maintenance Services and Support?

Managed Maintenance Services and Support simplify the tedious task of managing maintenance contracts and software licensing, allowing businesses to redirect their focus on core competencies and strategic goals. By consolidating maintenance contracts into a single contract with DTC, our clients enjoy cost savings in vendor contract management while receiving elevated service levels. After warranty expiration, OEMs levy hefty premiums for maintenance, but our Third Party Maintenance support slashes costs by 50-70%, streamlining operations with a single contract source.

Advantages of Managed Maintenance Services

  • Combine contracts to save time and cut costs
  • Accessible US-based support, one contact for all needs
  • Enhanced service standards
  • Easily monitor inventory and coverage
  • Convenient online access
  • Simplify billing with one source for multiple vendors
  • Streamlined, summarized billing process
  • Clear, reconciled reporting
  • Opt for higher availability options
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