Onsite Recycling / Shredding Services

On-site data destruction and e-waste recycling solutions.

shredding truck

As a leader in the IT equipment industry since 1965, we’ve given countless companies a socially responsible alternative to disposing surplus and retired IT assets. Located in the same, secure location for over 25 years, we are proud to boast that we have never experienced one data leak. You can rest assured that your surplus and retired assets are safe from data exposure – GUARANTEED.

On-Site Services We Offer

Data Destruction

Our on-site data destruction services give clients an opportunity to witness and verify that their data is destroyed while still in their custody.

A hard drive resting on a pile of shredded hard drives

Electronics recycling is our bread and butter. We Buy Used IT Equipment has been both saving the environment and companies money, by setting the standard for secure handling and re purposing of used and obsolete electronics.

To offset the cost of your new acquisitions, consider selling your old equipment. You will be surprised at the value in your surplus and used assets.

Our efficient data center decomissioning process provides a simplified way to sell used and surplus data center equipment. With every data center decomission we’ve managed, our main goal has been to increase your company’s return on investment.

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