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We specialize in removable media storage and any associated backup hardware.

Tape Media Sales

DTC Computer Supplies is an industry leader supplying new and re-certified backup tapes to data centers. We also provide an array of tape library services including audits, data eradication and media destruction to full logistical support for secure data center relocation.

Secure Data Destruction / Compliance

DTC Computer Supplies provides on-site or off-site data destruction, erasure, and migration services. Our data center services will help you comply with your security requirements, environmental policy, or simply dispose of surplus or decommissioned hardware.

Onsite Recycling / Shredding Services

Our onsite shredding service is the most secure and cost effective way to dispose of all types of end-of-life hard drives and media tapes. The hard drive shredding services is great for business’ with large data centers, or a stockpile of old hard drives and media tapes because it is a fast and efficient process.

ITAD / Equipment Buyback

End of life doesn’t have to mean end of value. DTC’s IT asset disposition (ITAD) trade-in and buyback programs ensure our customers don’t have to bear the burden of old equipment.

Data Center Hardware Removal

Relocation, expansion & data center upgrades usually include the systematic disposal of retired IT assets. DTC provides a complete asset removal & recycling service.

Tape Media Buyback

We buy new and used data tape media cartridges most brands and formats. Best value offered with the highest standards of data erasure in the industry.

DTC Hardware Maintenance Services

We are dedicated to providing you and your company with the best in computer maintenance services. At DTC Computer Supplies, we offer regular maintenance on your technology so it will remain running at its optimum performance so you can focus on revenue-generating activities.

Refurbished Equipment Sales

DTC Computer Supplies knows there are times you need to supplement or add equipment  to extend the life of your current infrastructure or just replace lost or broken hardware. That is why we offer genuine refurbished equipment, cleaned, tested and delivered to make sure it meets our customers’ expectations.

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