Tape Media Buyback

Our Data Tape Buyback Process

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DTC Computer Supplies is a leader in data tape media recycling. We buy new and used data tape media cartridges. Our buyback process has a high standard for insuring compliance in data erasure. When you enlist us to take care of your used and surplus tape media, we handle the entire process from start to finish; from initial pick up and shipping, to end of life data destruction. We also offer on-site data destruction services and chain of custody upon request.


  1. Clear – quick-erase your tape media, write a random-fill/test pattern to the tape and certify it for reuse
  2. Purge – securely erase all data on the tape media and will certify the media for reuse.
  3. Destroy – completely degauss the tape media, ensuring that data is thoroughly eradicated.

We use a combination of off-the-shelf products and custom-built solutions to securely eradicate your data. Our decades of combined experience make us a great team, and we work to continuously improve our processes and procedures.


Send Us Your List

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Expert Tape Audit

We make you a confidential, no obligation offer.

We pay shipping!

Including labels, trucks, and other security measures

Secure Facility

Tapes are held under 24-hour surveillance

Inspected and Erased

Tapes are wiped clean of all data

Data Destruction Certificate

Certificate provided along with payment

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