3592 Cleaner

3592 Cleaning Cartridges

3592 Cleaner

Product Description

The IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive 3592 is designed to provide fast time to data and high levels of storage capacity. Using the IBM cleaning cartridge in the 3592 tape drive will help reduce errors caused by debris.

The 3592 cartridge contains 1/2 inch dual-layer tape. The tape also features a smooth surface and uniform magnetic layer less than 0.2 microns thick – both intended to help improve media reliability and tape drive processing times.

Features and Specifications

  • 3592 cleaning cartridge may be used in all 3592 tape drives.
  • 3592 cleaning cartridges need to be replaced after 50 uses. The IBM 3592 cleaning cartridge keeps track of the number of times it has been used.

List of 3592 Cleaning Cartridges We Buy & Sale

Part NumberManufacturerDescription
Q2078AHPLTO-8 HP Ultrium 12/30TB Data Cartridge
Q2078ACHPLTO-8 HP Ultrium 12/30TB Tape Library Pack (20-pk)
Q2078ALHPLTO-8 HP Ultrium 12/30TB Tape with Custom Barcode Labels (20-pk)
Q2078ANHPLTO-8 HP Ultrium 12/30TB Tape with Non-Custom Labels (20-pk)
Q2078WHPLTO-8 HP Ultrium 12/30TB WORM Data Cartridge
01PL041IBMLTO-8 IBM Ultrium 12/30TB Data Cartridge
OV-LTO901805OverlandLTO-8 Overland Ultrium 12/30TB Data Cartridge
MRL8MQN-01QuantumLTO-8 Quantum Ultrium 12/30TB Data Cartridge
MRL8MQN-03QuantumLTO-8 Quantum Ultrium 12/30TB Data Cartridge
MRL8MQN-BCQuantumLTO-8 Quantum Ultrium 12/30TB Data Cartridge Barcode Labeled
MRL8MQN-20QuantumLTO-8 Quantum Ultrium 12/30TB Data Cartridge Library Pack


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