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    DAT-160 (DDS6) Tape Media Cartridge:
    80GB Native - 160GB Compressed

    DAT-160 (DDS6)

    What is DDS6 / DAT160?

    DAT 160 was launched in June 2007 by HP, stores up to 80 GB uncompressed (160 GB compressed). A major change from the previous generations is the width of the tape. DAT 160 uses 8 mm wide tape in a slightly thicker cartridge while all prior versions use 3.81 mm wide tape. Despite the difference in tape widths, DAT 160 drives can load DAT-72 and DAT-40 (DDS-4) cartridges. Native capacity is 80 GB and native transfer rate was raised to 6.9 MB/s, mostly due to prolonging head/tape contact to 180° (compared to 90° previously). Launch interfaces were Parallel SCSI and USB, with SAS interface released later.

    What is DDS6 / DAT160 Used For?

    In today’s data center, tape storage is being replaced by disk and other recent data storage methods. However, tape technology still has its benefits. Tape is better fit for long-term storage and archiving than disk storage thanks to its reduced cost, higher capacity and transportability.
    DAT160 tapes balance value and performance with a variety of capacity, performance, and connectivity options. DDS6 tape technology continues to meet the needs of the small and midsize business market for reliable, cost-effective tape backup solution. DDS 6 / DAT 160 the first choice for data protection for many small and medium businesses with low-end and mid-range servers and workstations.

    Specifications and Key Features

    • DAT 160 capacity: 80GB native and 160GB compressed data
    • DAT 160 speed: up to 46.7GB/hr
    • Proven Reliability: MTBF of 125,000 hrs at 100% duty cycle
    • Archival Storage Life: 30 years
    • WORM: Write Once, Read Many capability

    List of DDS6 Tapes We Buy & Sell

    Part NumberManufacturerDescription
    C8011AHP4mm 160m DDS-6 DAT-160 Tape Cartridge 80/160GB
    23R5635IBM4mm 160m DDS-6 DAT-160 Tape Cartridge 80/160GB
    26837IMATION4mm 160m DDS-6 DAT-160 Tape Cartridge 80/160GB
    230020MAXELL4mm 160m DDS-6 DAT-160 Tape Cartridge 80/160GB
    MRD6MQN01QUANTUM4mm 160m DDS-6 DAT-160 Tape Cartridge 80/160GB
    DGDAT160SONY4mm 160m DDS-6 DAT-160 Tape Cartridge 80/160GB
    DC4160TDK4mm 160m DDS-6 DAT-160 Tape Cartridge 80/160GB
    C8015AHP4mm DAT160 Cleaning Cartridges
    23R5638IBM4mm DAT160 Cleaning Cartridges
    230030MAXELL4mm DAT160 Cleaning Cartridges
    DGDAT160CLSONY4mm DAT160 Cleaning Cartridges
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