Purchase DAT-8 (DDS2)

DAT-8 (DDS2) Tape Media Cartridge:
4GB Native - 8GB Compressed

DAT-8 (DDS2)

What is DDS2 / DAT8?

Digital Data Storage (DDS) is a format for storing computer data on a Digital Audio Tape (DAT). DDS is traditionally the most dependable and durable technology ever established within the tape market. DDS2, also referred to as DAT-8, offers reliable protection that creates a safe storage environment.

What is DDS2/ DAT8 Used For?

In today’s data center, tape storage is being replaced by disk and other recent data storage methods. However, tape technology still has its benefits. Tape is better fit for long-term storage and archiving than disk storage thanks to its reduced cost, higher capacity and transportability.

DAT8 tapes balance value and performance with a variety of capacity, performance, and connectivity options. DDS2 tape technology continues to meet the needs of the small and midsize business market for reliable, cost-effective tape backup solution. DDS2/DAT8 is the first choice for data protection for many small and medium businesses with low-end and mid-range servers and workstations.


  • Compressed Capacity Up to 8 GB
  • Native Capacity Up to 4 GB
  • Archival Storage Life: 30 years
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