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What is 170 AME?

Advanced Metal Evaporated ( AME ) tape continues to be one of the key enabling technologies for a wide range of industry-accepted tape storage and recording applications, including Sony’s innovative SAIT format.

AME tape used by SAIT can read and write data reliably at very high densities through the use of pure cobalt magnetic material. Magnetic Particle (MP) media, used by conventional half-inch tape formats, is limited by particle size in the magnetic layer to achieve higher cartridge capacities. AME media used by SAIT imposes no such limitation and can enable SAIT to achieve more than twice the capacity of other half-inch tape formats. Also, AME tape’s use of a “Diamond-Like Carbon” (DLC) protective layer provides superb durability and long archival life. Twenty times tougher than a standard oxidation layer, DLC dramatically improves abrasion resistance and overall media and mechanism durability.

What is 170 AME Used For?

AME tape is an industry leading storage solution for reliably writing high density data. AME media has a higher storage capacity when compared to other half-inch tape formats. The ultra-strong “Diamond-Like Carbon” layer improves durability and offers protection against abrasions, allowing for a long archival life.

170 AME Specifications

  • Native Capacity 20 GB
  • Compressed Capacity 40 GB
  • Tape Length: 170 meters
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